Our Top 3 Fragrances for Wholesale

Wondering which fragrances are our best-sellers? Let us introduce our top three!

Peony & Olive Leaf

We spent years dreaming of the perfect peony fragrance, the classic queen of all flowers! Peony & Olive Leaf is a blend of soft pink petals and elegant musk with lush fruit top notes. A clean and feminine spring scent with a hint of fresh green olive leaves carried on a warm breeze.

Peony & Olive Leaf Wholesale Collection

Rice Flower

Rice Flower is sweet, fresh and soft with a hint of ozone. This isn't your typical floral scent. Light and delicate, with a base of subtle, creamy vanilla and coconut. What are rice flowers? Rice flowers are small perfumed buds that grow on the Aglaia Odorata, or Chinese Perfume Tree.

Rice Flower Wholesale Collection

Lavender & Hibiscus

Our essential oil Lavender scent is fresh and herbal, straight from a garden flower bed! A very soothing and relaxing scent.

Lavender & Hibiscus Wholesale Collection
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