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Wondering about our milk bath, what it does, and how to use it? We get asked this question all the time! They turn the bath water cloudy and milky, and they're extremely moisturizing and soothing. A luxurious, Cleopatra-style bath.

Simply add the powdered milk to the drawn bath water and mix it. The water will turn cloudy and milky, and the fat content in the milk is what will hydrate your skin! We suggest at least 3 tablespoons of milk bath per bath, for the moisturizing properties to be felt on the skin, but this varies based on how big your tub is, and how milky you like your water! A high percentage of milk is actually in here, unlike many milk baths on the market that have little or none. 


Available for wholesale as classic milks, milk bath cubes (our version of a bath bomb!), milk bath sachets, and now our new mini-milk baths, too.


 wholesale milk bath

Have any questions? Ask away, we love chatting about baths, they're our very favorite thing. Bath products are the very heart of the Dot & Lil line.
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