our best offer ever, a surprise promo for Mother's Day

wholesale mother's day surprise promo

We are working hard at the atelier on some new product launches for Fall 2017. While we wait for our new collection to launch, we wanted to thank our lovely retailers for a fantastic 2017 so far! We are calling this our best offer ever as we so rarely have sales. Apothecary and gift selections perfect for Mother's Day, and floral classics that are just right for garden season. Check out the offer and ordering details, below!

xoxo, Anne + the Dot & Lil Team

Our best wholesale offer ever:
Order between 04/11 and 04/26 for ship dates before 05/08 to get

-25% off freight costs + 6 free bar soaps with orders over $350
-50% off freight costs + 6 free bar soaps for orders over $750

-This offer is a special promo for USA orders placed between 04/11 and 04/26 only, and does not apply to orders we have already received, shipped or processed. $750+ order promo not available for Hawaii shipping addresses ($350+ promo is available for Hawaii).
-Please order directly through the sales representative for your area if you have one. Representatives, we will always forward orders received from your clients.

-For orders from our online wholesale store, the  Mother's Day promo (freight discount + free bar soaps) will be added to your order manually when we process your order, it will not appear in the shopping cart at time of purchase. If you don't have an online account with us yet, start by registering your shop, it truly takes a few seconds to complete.

-If you prefer not to order online, you can email your order to: orders@dotandlil.com
or place a phone order at (514) 836-0984. 

We almost always add small gifts + samples to your order!

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